Thanks to

_my wife, Kine, for dinner, laundry, care and support.

_Ingrid for keeping me on the right track during the field work and it's aftermath.

_tutors Hans and Steffen for great guidance.

_friends and fellow students, Maren, Eirik, Marthe, Bjarke, Rune, Erlend, Ørjan, Ragnhild, Marit, Yashar, Pasi, Anders and especially Andreas and Caroline for tips, hints and inputs.

_Mocambican architects José Forjaz and Pedro M. Louro for intruducing me to the architecture of Maputo.

_Mona, Pedro and Olaf for showing me Maputo.

_Brith, Tadzo, Soley, Kristine, Victor and Dori for giving me a glimpse into Mocambican arts teaching.

_Søren for intruducing me to this challenge.

_TYIN tegnestue for a great warm-u


The exhibition

The exhibition of all of the master's thesises is now ready at KiT and we're in the middle of the presentations. There are a lot of very good projects and many interesting discussions going on.

Eirik's city development at Nyhavna

Bjarke's aquacultural center at Austevoll

Rune's plan of how Trondheim could provide it's own food

Ørjan and Erlend's three off-grid housing projects

The exhibition vernissage is here at Galleri KiT on Thursday 14th of October.

Opening hours of the exhibition is from 15th to 21st of October at 14.00 to 18.00


At the finish line

I have now finally handed in the thesis.

6-7 months of work is boiled down to a 2 by 5 meter presentation wall and a 2,5 by 2,5 meter model. Here it is:

I am presenting the thesis at KiT next monday at 11.15. Feel free to stop by.