Back in the days

I got some old photos of the Praca de Touros a while ago from an internet news agent/blog callde "Mozambique para Tudos" (Studies for Mocambique). So here they are.



I've finally nailed the title for my thesis: "Cut the cake"

It's been a darling since Maputo and I've rejected it many times, but it has matured on me now and I think it suits the project beautifully.

First of all, it describes the shape and structure of the building

and at a party in Maputo I learned that they use the expression "Let's cut the cake!" as "Let's start the party!"

and, by the way, I got married this summer...

and all the Mozambican students in dance, music and visual arts are now going to share one common school - like friends sharing a cake.


The guys in TYIN went to participate in an architecture exhibition this summer in Malmesbury, west of London. The exhibition was part of the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) festival and they wanted to bring some other related projects with as well. I gladly shared some of my work and made a poster for them to bring.

the poster, hammered together during a couple of hours pit stop in Bodø on my summer vacation

from the exhibition. my poster in the back and Andreas' funky hairdo in the front


Roof construction

To be able to use the center arena space actively in the everyday life of the school, it is necessary to build some kind of shading over parts of it. I spent a few days looking for good examples and inspiration, mainly membrane structures since that is a very material effective way of covering a large area.

Structural engineers Schlaich Bergermann und Partners has a lot of nice projects in this category.

Stellingen Ice Rink in Hamburg

Bull Ring in Zaragoza

I made some section sketches of how this kind of structures could be used in my project

I could use the logic of the existing structure to create variations in the roof, adapting it to sun conditions

Some model studies:

A spoked wheel construction seems like a good choise. It is light weight, effective and does not demand supporting columns. It also fits nicely wit the existing structure.