Roof construction

To be able to use the center arena space actively in the everyday life of the school, it is necessary to build some kind of shading over parts of it. I spent a few days looking for good examples and inspiration, mainly membrane structures since that is a very material effective way of covering a large area.

Structural engineers Schlaich Bergermann und Partners has a lot of nice projects in this category.

Stellingen Ice Rink in Hamburg

Bull Ring in Zaragoza

I made some section sketches of how this kind of structures could be used in my project

I could use the logic of the existing structure to create variations in the roof, adapting it to sun conditions

Some model studies:

A spoked wheel construction seems like a good choise. It is light weight, effective and does not demand supporting columns. It also fits nicely wit the existing structure.

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  1. Great work, how did it proceed? I am working on a similar project and infact I took the Zaragoza arena as good example as well.