From visualizing in computer drawings I moved on to visualizing in model. I have been working mainly with the center arena to try to figure out:
  • how to shape the new element that I introduse (yellow on the drawing/blue in the model).
  • how to get more of the activity out in the arena space.
  • how to connect the two stories.
  • how much I could alter the original layout (take away seating stars etc.) without destroying the qualities of the space.
I am introducing an element that follows the inside of the construction, sometimes together with the seating stairs, sometimes in stead of them. In this structure I integrate some vertical connections between the two original stories, some rooms going into the arena space, and some platforms/levels.

I try to make spaces that can be used in the everyday activity at the school like:
  • small open air amphitheaters for teaching, training and showing
  • spaces to display arts
  • spaces to create (drawing, sculpturing etc.)
  • places to eat, meet and hang out
  • and of course a large stage for bigger concerts and events

I have tried out using some box element in this structure to create rooms that are open towards the center space.

By extending the element through the entrance and out in the public space I can invite people to participate in the activity and connect the school to the city life.

Anders, a friend of mine who's an acoustic consultant, visited me at the studio t
his week end to have a look at the project. We discussed the acoustic qualities and challenges and I wrote down a list of things to remember:
  • The wall behind the stage should be patterned to diffuse the reflections.
  • The roof over the stage should reflect the sound evenly towards the spectators.
  • Make space for sound absorbers.The best absorber is an opening towards the outside.
  • The roof should have some absorbing qualities or let some sound through it.
  • The small amphitheaters will work better if the ground in front is hard.
  • Avoid parallel walls in music rehearshal rooms.

rock on.....

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