Stepping into the CAD

I just came back to the studio after a three weeks vacation. Before leaving I had an intensive CAD-week to get the first draft of the building into a cad model.

ground floor

first floor

The intension was to put the specialized arts teaching rooms on top of these two floors as a new structure.

I got some useful feedback from Steffen, one of my tutors, and Andreas, a friend from TYIN tegnestue. One tip was to attach the activity more closely to the center arena to make this space more important. I will also have to play more, not only getting the scheme to work, but to create something vibrant and fun. The following week I'm going to spend some time taking a step backwords, and make some scethes of how I want this school to be in the end. I will try to update the model as I go, and hopefully get some new altenatives fast.

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