Back to basics

Now that I've got some ideas about what I can do, I have to go back to my intentions and objectives, stated in the Preliminary Study. What kind of architectural consequences do they have?

Creating an Escola des Belas Artes, conditioned by the climatic, economic, cultural and social situation in Maputo.

  • Shading is important all year. Especially from the NE and NW
  • Prevent floodings in rainy season (ground cover, drainage)
  • Natural ventilation when possible
  • Try to use as much as possible of the existing structure
  • Avoid expensive solutions/materials
  • Community: Open, encourage interaction and togetherness. Playfullness
  • Maintenance: Low or no maintenance
  • Students will be mostly from wealthy families. Give something back to the community (concerts, exhibitions, workshops that include everyone)
  • Crime: Easy to secure/shut off areas. One entrance.
_benefit from locating the schools together:
  • Encourage interaction
  • One school, not three schools located next to eachother
_creating a cultural center:
  • More than just a school. Activity, artists, concerts and exhibitions.
  • Collaboration with other cultural institutions. Guest artists, exchange.
  • Value as a symbol. Something to be proud of. Appearance and status.

The essence of this is, as I see it, two main principles:
  1. Creating one school, where the art forms interact and learn from eachother.

  2. Creating a cultural center for the people of Maputo.

This again has some main architectural consequenses:

  1. The spaces for teaching, rehearshing and displaying must be connected in a way that encourages interaction. Mixed use of spaces. Internal logistics that makes people/arts meet.

  2. Minimize the gap between the activity at the school and the public.

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