Hello, Trondheim

the Nidelven river, coiled around the city center.

I am officially back in Trondheim again, and here is a small glimpse of the city, for those of you who don't know it.

the characteristic pier houses along Nidelven river and the Western Canal were originally built on wooden pillars. This part of the city was in danger of being torn down in the 70's, when a new highway through Trondheim was planned, but is now a popular area packed with cafés, small designer shops and appartments.

a newly built shopping mall in the pedestrian street, showing off it's timber contruction

The historical city center consisted mainly of timber houses
. As a result of this, numerous fires the past years has cleared out centrally located lots, giving room for contemporary architecture.

upriver view from the Flower Bridge at Nyhavne (the New Docks)

The past decades the city centre of Trondheim has expanded north. Old mechanic workshop areas has been trensformed into shopping centres, restaurants and concert stages. Appartment blocks are also popping up in this area.

appartment blocks at nyhavna

appartment area at Lademoen in the northern oustskirt of the city center

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