A closer look at Maputo

So far we have strolled around in Maputo equipped only with sketch books, and leaving the cameras behind. We believe that this lets us perceive what we meet in a different and more thorough way than we would have by shooting at will with a camera. This strategy also seems to work well when it comes to meeting people.

the 1908 restaurant by the central hospital

But to give you a better impression of Maputo, we also want to show you some photos. We are lucky to live in the house of Mona Moe Machava, a Norwegian photografer based here in Maputo. She has been kind enough to let us borrow some of her photos. We have added some images of Mozambique seen through the lence of Mona, and for us they represent Maputo in a nice way. To see more of Monas photos and projects check out monamoe.com. Enjoy!

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