Intentions and basis of values

_a_client: Strengthen cultural education in Mozambique and in Maputo
_b_architect: Cultural understanding

Seek a sustainable usage of materials. Minimize the need for cooling and artificial lighting. Avoid designing solutions that depend on resources - materials and workforce - from outside of Mozambique.

3_architectural intentions
Open and available. The activity should be displayed: 1_Outward to the public, 2_internally between the faculties and 3_internally inside the faculty. Encourage promotion of art to the public and the interaction of art forms.

4_description of intentions
Locating the tree schools in one campus to create a common cultural platform that everyone can benefit from: Bigger and more effective areas – cultural benefits from cooperation – strengthen the institutions through establishing a cultural center – building administrative and pedagogic competence through teacher training and cultural management courses.
Creating an Escola des Belas Artes, adapted to the climatic, economic and social conditions in Maputo, with spaces adapted to the ways of teaching used today, and flexible for changes and developments in teaching methods.

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