For a couple of days we have been working with scenarios at the two different sites, the Rua de Bagamoyo and the Praca de Touros. We have been working by sketching, trying to fit the program in the available areas, and trying to find possible conceptual solutions to fit the two sites.

_Rua de Bagamoyo

At the Rua de Bagamoyo we found out that the best solution would be to use the existing ENAV, ARPAC and END buildings and supply with new structures on the two available plots. The main difficulties are to find a place for the big concert hall, and to make the school work as one unit without separating the three faculties (dance, music and visual arts) in different buildings/areas.

a new building with concert hall and common areas combining the existing buildings

the entire school with a common outdoor area

an open, central space for concerts and outdoor exhibitions

_Praca de Touros

The Praca de Touros is much bigger and the program can easily be fitted without occupying the central arena. The main challenges at this site seems to be the interaction between the central arena and the areas inside the "ring", and getting daylight into the inner part of the structure without gaining excessive heat form the sun.

trying to open up the central arena

experimenting with daylight

view of the whole complex with outdoor concert

After having worked with the two sites and different scenarios for a while they both seem to be possible and suitable for the project. However, the Praca de Touros seems like the better choice, and also more interesting and appealing as an educational case. So that's where we'll continue working from now on.

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